7. The Cafe gets an upgrade

DAWNIKA: Thank you! We’re closing it out with an old standard by request! Elizabeth, bring it home, girl.

ELIZABETH: Always great to work with you Dawn. No one, and I mean no one, sings the blues like you do.

DAWNIKA: Only ’cause I lived it; only ’cause I lived it… Them that’s got shall get; them that’s not shall lose; so the Bible says! But it still is news… Mama, may have; Papa, he may have; but GOD bless the child… that’s got ‘is own… that’s got ‘is own…

L-R: Kerri Terri, Margeaux, Paan

MARGEAUX: We’re technically “closed” until the construction is complete, of course.

KERRI TERRI: I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone. What an amazing network of characters. Such a great idea Margeaux.

PAAN: And I am eager for the conversations to begin.

DAWNIKA: … Mama may have; Papa may have, but GOD bless the child that’s got ‘is own… that’s got his own… Thank you! Goodnight! Thank you!

ROSE: Margeaux! Carpenters are here to build the stairs!

ROSE NU DRESS N BUCKET File May 23, 12 35 42 AM

MARGEAUX: They’re early. That’s weird.

ROSE: No, what’s weird is the policeman who was right behind them.


ROSE: Looking for Mavis. Where do you want this bucket?

MARGEAUX: Mavis? She left right after Gillian, I thought. Are they still at Esperanza’s?

ROSE: They were when I left an hour ago. Have you been in her studio?

MARGEAUX: Just put it over there. Love the dress! Are those roses?

ROSE: Mm-hmm. No one else wanted this one, saying it was a bit plain, but I really like the roses and it is comfortable; lots of movement. And look, jewelry! I hope everything is okay.

ROSE NU File May 23, 12 36 36 AM

MARGEAUX: You mean with Mavis? Me too…

ROSE: You don’t think it has anything to do with Veronique being in town, do you?

MARGEAUX: She is? Hmmm… Maybe. Is Tarah with her, do you know? Could be either one.

ROSE: Or both.

MARGEAUX: Or neither. With Mavis and Dan, we never really know. You going back over there?

ROSE: Wasn’t planning on it. I need to get these carpenters going. They won’t start with everyone here, so —


MARGEAUX: Dawnika, will you make that announcement? That we have to lock up for a little while? Rose will tweet an all-clear when they’re done. We’re getting stairs!

ROSE: And maybe the skyline window too, depending on how the stairs go. I’ll put the sign on the door.

MARGEAUX: Thanks. I better call Esperanza.