3. “I will dance in Barranquilla”

VALENTINA: That’s why I was so happy to receive the invitation to the Cafe, to dance! And next year, I am determined to return home to dance for Carnival!

PAAN: Where is home, did you say?

Paan and Valentina

VALENTINA: Barranquilla. Colombia, in the north. The Carnival there was famous, almost as famous, more famous than Rio. But then, there were problems and the tourists went away, but now it is time for Barranquilla and Carnival to shine once again. I am saving every dime I can earn and am trying to cut back on expenses so that I can go back for Carnival. It is part of who I am.

PAAN: You are studying business, you said?

VALENTINA: Si. I am almost to graduate with a Masters in Business Administration. I want to help bring tourism back to Barranquilla. Everyone knows Cartagena but our beautiful country in the north is ready to be rediscovered. And I want to help.

MARGEAUX: I think Clancy is looking for a roommate; might help you save more money.

File Apr 20, 4 45 13 AM
Margeaux inspects the new plants that just arrived at the Cafe.

CLANCY: We’re going to take a short break, but back for a final set, so don’t go away! And geeeetar, take us on out!

VALENTINA: I really like your music Clancy. I could dance to it all the time!


CLANCY: You’re nice to say that, but others might not agree with you.

MARGEAUX: Valentina is looking to share expenses and I thought I heard you say you’ve got space in your loft?

CLANCY: That’s an understatement. Oh, I got space all right. Every since John ran off with my manager —

File Apr 21, 12 29 45 AM

DAWNIKA: You mean, former manager.

CLANCY: Former manager, it’s pretty quiet up there. Plus, I’m on the road most of the time anyway. You allergic to dogs?

VALENTINA: Did you say loft?

DAWNIKA: Yeah, you’ll love it. Wide open dance floor and no furniture.

CLANCY: Don’t remind me. Can’t believe he took the furniture. That —

VALENTINA: That would be wonderful! Room to dance!

CLANCY OPENING File Apr 20, 4 20 18 AM

CLANCY: I’ve got this last set then heading home. Leaving for Chicago at daybreak. Want to come on up and see the place? If you like it, and you don’t mind Buster, my dog, you are more than welcome to stay. Nice knowing someone is watching the place while I’m touring.

VALENTINA: Thank you… yes, I don’t know what to say, except thank you, yes! I will dance in Barranquilla!

CLANCY: Buster! Get. Over. Here. Don’t let Margeaux see you! Buster! Get out from under there!

File Apr 20, 4 22 29 AM
Buster wears a GoPro collar, which means we never actually get to see him; we only see what he sees through his GoPro. Wish you could see him because he is big and slobbery and just an old sweetheart with bad eyes. He was a rescue dog; or he rescued Clancy, no one is really quite sure.

VALENTINA: Oh! He’s so funny!

MARGEAUX: Clancy! Buster? No, Buster, no! Clancy…

CLANCY: I know, I know.

VALENTINA: It’s okay! I can take care of him now while she plays her music! Okay? Please?

MARGEAUX: Just this once. … Buster, stop slobbering on my shoe, you old hound. Why do I continue to allow this?