2. But do we have to wear these box clothes?

AINA: Excuse me, but I thought we were going to get our own custom clothes as part of our Cafe membership? I don’t mean to be pushy, but…

MARGEAUX: Um, only a few of us know each other, so, well, that’s the idea, um, I don’t —

ESPERANZA: Margeaux? Maybe I can help. My name is Esperanza. I’m a —

ESPERANZA INTRO MED RES Photo Apr 18, 11 06 10 PM

MAVIS: I knew it! You are her!

GILLIAN: Who, her?

MAVIS WAVING MED RES Photo Apr 18, 11 10 31 PM

MAVIS: One of the emerging new designers to watch, that’s who her! Esperanza, name is Mavis. I can pay any price, but please design mine first.

GILLIAN: Are you kidding me? Mavis, can we talk? Think about this. I’m your pilot and I’m in a vintage bikini.

MAVIS: Point taken.

ESPERANZA: I will design for anyone here who wants me to design for them.

AINA INTRO MED RES Photo Apr 18, 11 07 52 PM

AINA: Any of us? Did you say any of us?

ESPERANZA: I did. And there are a lot of us, so we’d better get started. I could use some help, for those who are interested.

AINA: I am so in.

ROSE:  I’m not a seamstress, but I can stitch fast under pressure.

ESPERANZA: Thank you Rose, Aina. Okay then. Let’s… Gillian is it? Business jet pilot, you say?

JILLIAN INTRO MED RES Photo Apr 18, 11 11 02 PM

GILLIAN: Yeah. Gulfstreams mostly now, since leaving the Navy. And look at me. I’ve been in the box longer than a lot of these guests combined.

ESPERANZA: I understand. Keep the hair? The big roll in front? Kind of distinctive.

GILLIAN: Yeah. I’m in a little Rockabilly garage band with some of the avionics techs. Not often, but every once in a while. We’re all busy. You know.

ESPERANZA: That gives me an idea already. Aina, how are your sewing skills?

AINA: Oh, I can sew. Well, not like you can, but I can sew. For what we need here? I can so help. And you’re going to need a lot of help.

GILLIAN: Please, let’s get on with it, you know, I’m not flying in this, please?

ESPERANZA: We’ll get you all taken care of, promise. My studio is around the corner. Shall we?