1. Out-of-the-Boxes Cafe Celebration

Walls are going up, floor is almost finished. They simply would not stay quietly cooped in their cardboard and plastic boxes for another second, so decided this is as good a time as any to start the reel.

MARGEAUX OPENING Photo Apr 17, 9 00 42 PMMARGEAUX: Hi, I’m Margeaux. I’m proprietor of this crazy idea called the “Backtalk Cafe.” As majority owner, I wouldn’t be opening this place without a generous investment from Ms. Paan. She, like all of us who come together here, is committed to a more humane world.

PAAN OPENING LO RES Photo Apr 17, 8 51 26 PM

PAAN: I believe in your vision. I believe in the Cafe. I believe in you.

MARGEAUX: This cafe, this place, a safe place where we can come together to talk about real issues, but with a respectful approach that lets us look at the issues through a lens of solutions. We come from all walks of life, each with our own voices, experiences, trials and tribulations. Yet, we are still here.

ROSE: Tell them about the website, this website.

MARGEAUX: Me? You tell them. You’re the web master.

ROSE OPENING LO RES Photo Apr 17, 8 58 53 PM

ROSE: Okay. Hi, my name is Rose. I’m a coder, but have taken on the BacktalkCafe.com site to help out because I like the idea. Margeaux is very passionate about solving versus just talking about problems. Eager to hear what everyone has to say; get to know them, you know?

MARGEAUX: Tell them about your modeling!

ROSE: Yes, during New York fashion week, that’s where I am. Don’t worry, I’ve got backup to update the site when I’m on the runway.

MARGEAUX: Tell them about the band.

ROSE: We have the Clancy Cole Band… Yes, that Clancy Cole Band. I don’t know how Margeaux got them, but she did.

CLANCY BAND OPENING Photo Apr 17, 8 58 13 PM
(L-R) Clancy Cole (bass), Dawnika (lead vocals), Toby (guitar)

CLANCY: Featuring Elizabeth on keyboards! Dawnika on vocals, Toby on guitar, and I’m Clancy Cole on bass! Let’s get this party started! Uh 1, Uh 2, Uh 1-2-3-4…


MARGEAUX: Feel free to join us as we discuss the events of the day, about the things that matter most to us! Oh sure, different things matter to different people. That’s why there are so many of us needed to join the Cafe conversation. The diversity of ideas, of viewpoints, voices, and perspectives.

I guess you could say that we are tired of waiting silently like dolls in boxes on shelves. We have voices. We have names and faces.

KEEAH OPENING LO RES Photo Apr 17, 8 56 34 PM

KEEAH: We have histories and stories and skills and experiences and cultures and joys and pains, gains and losses. We are as real as our stories.

MARGEAUX: We’ve got a lot more to do to finish out the cafe building, but when finished, we’ll start offering food service. Of course, we’ll need to find a chef by then, but I can’t think about that right now.

This groundbreaking celebration is an exciting milestone in the unfolding vision for the Cafe. It’s a big step, but with so many great Cafe members, their expertise and positive outlook — despite their many hardships, no doubt this is about to get very interesting. Over time, we’ll meet each and every one, and get to know their stories. And no doubt more will join us. But for now? I’m ready to celebrate in the music and dance!

ROSE: Hey, Margeaux. You can’t talk to the camera any more after this post, sorry. When the band breaks, we need to announce it, make sure everyone knows: No more talking to the camera. Everyone needs to understand that. Everything has to be candid or it won’t come off right.

MARGEAUX: Right. I get it. Let Clancy know!

OPENING BAND GROUP LO RES Photo Apr 17, 8 58 39 PM